It’s back to work and back to school in most parts of the country which means we’re back on the move with our home offices now looking to go back on the road.

Currently, our family is backpack shopping and the name of the game is “don’t break the laptop”. There are many options for keeping your laptop safe as you travel from work to home. There are sleeves and carrying cases that can help, but most fall just short of holding any extra travel needs and often are an additional case to lug. The backpack I’ve found as the best multitasker is CAI’s office backpack - sold here. This backpack not only has the additional cushion you need to keep your laptop safe, but also has a system of sleeves that allow for your pens/papers/phone and cords to all safely stow while moving from place to place. Excellent backpack with modern sleek lines and easy access - I’d recommend it hands down.


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